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  • Q   What do i need to start using eCampus360?
  • Every institute can use eCampus360. However, valid approval need to use eCampus360 and minimum bandwith (1:1 Leased Line is recommeded)

    All Mid and Advanced Browser were support.

    Static IP is mandatory after trail period ends.

  • Q   How do i know about static IP
  • Everybody can check their Internet IP is Static or Dynamic, open your browser and enter what is my ip in google search, the IP shown is your IP.

    Restart your modem and check the above procedures again, if the IP isn’t change before and after restart, then your IP may be Static.

    Anyhow kindly check the same with your ISP if you want to know exact information.

  • Q   Can i access eCampus360 from external device/computer?
  • Yes, you can access eCampus360 from computer, But the only thing is the your registered IP must me same, if the IP doesn’t match with your public IP, you can’t able to access your portal.
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  • Q   What happened when I forgot my username and password?
  • No Worries, its simple step to recover your username and password, Follow the link
  • Q   Iam a small institute, how much i want to pay
  • Answer comming soon
  • Q   Iam am having 2500+ students how much i want to pay?
  • Answer comming soon
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